A1 Alloys

Recycling, National City, CA

Full service drive through.

We have been in this business since 1978. We recycle all non ferrous metals. We do pick ups for all your recycling needs.

Get top prices for:

*Insulated Wire
*Stainless Steel
*Hi- Temp Metals
*Car Batteries
*Cans (CRV)
*Plastic (CRV)

All employees speak both English and Spanish.

Serving San Diego County, CA.


We also offer:

New Metals, Precious Metals, Scrap, Fabrication



724 Civic Center Dr.
National City CA 91950
Phone: (619) 245-4682

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Phone: (619) 245-4682

Business Hours

Open 7 Days A Week!
Monday-Friday: 07:30AM-05:30PM
Saturday & Sunday: 08:00AM-04:30PM

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A1 Alloys

Full service - convenient drive through. Industrial scrap specialist. Free container service for industrial customers.
Call: (619) 245-4682

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